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In the Online dating world, your main “picture” and related photos are the “First” thing that a woman/man uses to decide if she/he wants to “even” read the rest of your profile. A powerful effective main profile photo is a first step to succeeding in the online dating “Game”.

Here are some guidelines for a great, online dating profile photos.
1. Proper lighting- A lot of times, too much lighting can make people appear to be in pain, disgruntled or unhappy. In actuality they are really just trying to put up with the intense light in their face. Too little lighting and people can appear dark, aged even creepy. Therefore, proper lighting is key to an awesome photo.
2. Right angle & pose- The right angle can minimize a double chin, if you have one. This is the last thing you want “visible” in a picture. The wrong angle, can make you appear to have one, even though you might not have a double chin. My point is that, some people look better at a certain angle over another. They look better with a certain pose over another. So, knowing this can really make a world of difference on camera.
 3. Eye contact– Eye contact is highly important. Your eyes are the window to your soul. A photo of you looking right at the camera, hence, the viewer, calls for immediate attention and action.

4. Dress appropriately– How you present yourself determines what type of person you attract. For instance, posting a topless pic of yourself or of you in a slinky bikini might attract the “wrong crowd” or response. If you want to attract opposite sex that see beyond looks, body or are interested in not just a fling, then don’t take such pics. Rather take more appropriate photos of you clothed.


Jim Pagiamtzis
5. Smile or not– A natural smile is always inviting but don’t open your mouth, if you don’t have good teeth. A lot of people can’t pull off a good “selfie” or don’t

Jim Pagiamtzis

have any photography savvy friends. Get professional help, in this case.


6. Show personality, interest and your life style – Be real! Take photos in different natural settings, that you would often be in. Your photos should reflect who you are, what you like to do, where you like to be. This will attract someone who is like-minded.

7. Be natural– It advisable for female to hire a makeup artist, they know how to enhance your features also looking natural.  Too much makeup or photoshop on your photos, can make you look “impersonal” and “Fake”.


8. Focus on you- Your photo should only focus on you and not on your friends or an ex girlfriend/boyfriend. You don’t want people to compare you with your hot friends and wish you were one of them. Secondly, a photo with your ex just means you are still not over him or her.

9. Up to date– Don’t put up photos that are older than 2 years old. Don’t fool yourself and others. You can’t lie about how you, currently look like in person.
10. Variety – Don’t let one bad apple ruin the rest. What I mean is that you should have at least 3 pictures. A headshot as the main photo, a full body shot in a natural setting and one more snap shot of yourself to prove who you are, if your other photos were professionally taken.
In the online dating world, you have to set yourself apart from the “common fish” in the sea. One of the most effective and easiest ways to do this, is by putting up captivating “profile photos”. If you are interested in having me enhance your online presence, please contact me. Let’s set up a FREE  consultation.
Written by Daisy Hsieh Photographer @ http://ucreatestudio.com


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