Double chins free Headshots

A lot of time we see our pictures with obvious silly double chins, however we are not really fat.. Why? The first secret is the angle. We want to present our best in the public (Linedin, twitter, facebook, own website, business card.etc), we don’t need to show our double chins to the general public. There […]

Portrait Life Style outdoor Session

In today’s social media and online world, having a great profile photo can make big difference in your career.  To take advantage the outdoor beautiful weather, This Life style-session will be conducted at any outdoor location in downtown west Toronto Package includes a high end retouched headshot photo (high resolution & web quality photo) and […]

Fake Smile vs. Real Smile

written and photography by Daisy Hsieh Photographer Toronto 416-888-0329 Fake smiles plagues photographers and clients alike. How many times have you looked at a picture and thought, ‘That person looks so fake? The only true indicator of happiness is when the muscles along the sides of the eyes and mouth are activated and pulled up. […]