Whether you’re a small business of 5, or a large corporation, your individual representations can represent your overall company image – positively or negatively!

Five Reasons You and Your Employees Need Professional Headshots:

1.  A Consistent and Professional Company Image – Your marketing demonstrates synergy across your brand, so why doesn’t the photos of you and employees? We love diversity, but unified, professional images of employees will positively boost your company’s overall image.

2.  Professionalism Demonstrated Outside of the Workplace – We can’t always control what decisions our employees make outside of the office, or what their social media posts may convey. But, what we can do is at least give them a professional image to be proud of. Boost your social media profile’s professionalism with great headshots for LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more.

3.  First Impressions – Are you a candidate looking for a job ?  A business owner or professional trying to land clients on LinkedIn? An accountant, lawyer or physician running an ad in the weekly newspaper? Whatever your recent need for a headshot is, know that your photo is often your only opportunity to make a first impression. How do you wish to be portrayed?

4.  More and More “Face Time” – More businesses are beginning to work remotely via phone and internet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose “face time.”From SKYPE to Go-To Meeting Products and LinkedIn, more and more companies prefer to have their customer service teams’ smiles front and center for a more personal approach in connecting with clients or prospects – What type of image do you want your customers to see?

5.  Set the Bar as the Employer – Are you going to be hiring personnel soon? Consistent company images “set the bar,” letting potential employees know that you mean business and operate in a professional setting.

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